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Adhara energía solar, based in Altea, (Alicante) works the counties of marina baixa, marina alta and la safor. We can budget and install for you...

Solar photovoltaic kits for home use without batteries (check our special below) to reduce your electric monthly bill.

Solar photovoltaic kits for home use with solar batteries designed for isolated fincas (for permanent use: all year around; or, part tine use: weekend & summer months) become energy self-sufficient and thus forgeting your electric monthly bill.

Pool photovoltaic kits include: 1x hydraulic PS water pump with controller + 1x photovoltaic panel 230W/24V+ aluminum support structure

There is a great opportunity now in the energy shift towards an independent economy from the privately-owned electricity monopolies.

Invest in a home-consumption photovoltaic kit. The energy bill savings will be your PROFIT!


a photovoltaic panel 230W + micro-inverter
+ aluminum support structure at 30º for flat surface

Special OFFER - Call now: 677525522

Oferta: KIT solar fotovoltaico

Picture shows 6 photovoltaic panels with support structure.

All this investment is tax deductible! We can even finance you 100% of the solar installation.

We will provide you with a customized quote tailored to your energy requirements needs, without compromise.
Contact us; we will consider your best choice.

Adhara Energía Solar - Altea, Alicante Cell: 677 525 522 - email:

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